Volunteer Award Nomination


Here at Trees Forever, we recognize that our success as an organization comes from the hard work, dedication and support of our many volunteers, sponsors, advocates and partner organizations. Each year we recognize a number of outstanding individuals and organizations that exemplify our mission. Your nominations help us identify the "overachievers" locally or at a statewide level that deserve special recognition for their efforts. All nominations should have a direct tie to Trees Forever through a local group, serving as a Trees Forever volunteer or helping advocate or promote issues related to our mission.


Award Categories:

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award - An individual who has made a long-term or exceptional contribution to tree planting, tree care or environmental stewardship in their community. Nominations should highlight specific activities or accomplishments of a voluntary nature and not part of his/her normal work duties.
  • Outstanding Group/Organization Award - A group or organization that completed a successful tree planting, tree care or related project in the past year OR a local business or organization that demonstrates ongoing or exceptional support of and commitment to Trees Forever programs in its community.
  • Media Partner Award - An individual or media organization who has shown ongoing or exceptional support of Trees Forever and our local tree committees through media coverage or promotion of our programs and projects, either locally or statewide.
  • Outstanding Youth Volunteer/Group Award - An individual under the age of 25 who has made a long-term exceptional contribution to tree planting and care in a given community.
  • Outstanding Youth Project Award - a group comprised of or led by individuals under the age of 25 that implemented a successful community tree planting and care program this past year.
  • Outstanding Elected Official or Advocate - An elected official or other individual who has shown ongoing or exceptional support of Trees Forever programs or advocacy efforts OR of trees and natural areas in their community or state.
  • Environmental Steward Award – An exceptional caretaker of public or private land