Log Your Volunteer Hours

This page is for those who have completed the Backyard Forest Stewards Program. 
Thank you for your commitment to our forest and trees! The form below will help us track your volunteer hours and accomplishments. 

Examples of projects:

“Walked in the woods with my neighbor talking about the importance of tree stands and clearing invasive species for an hour. I wanted him to understand the importance of our woods and will continue to invite him on my upcoming maintenance days in the woods.”
“Spent two hours removing and treating honeysuckle from my woodlands. With the removal of this invasive species I will be able to allow light for my native trees to utilize.”
“Helped Trees Forever plant a windbreak at the nearby school district for an hour. These trees will provide energy benefits as well as wildlife habitat for the school.”

Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Working to better your own or another woodlands’ health
Prescription fire burn
Removing invasive species
Talking with a neighbor about importance of caring for woodlands and trees
Planting trees 
Volunteering with Trees Forever or another non-profit in regards to tree care