Trees Forever is a hands-on organization that works in the real world to help build a better tomorrow. Planting and environmental classes offered by our experienced staff provide an unsurpassed educational opportunity for people who care about their land, neighborhood and community.

Our training classes, including TreeKeepers and Fruit TreeKeepers, help participants become advocates for the natural environment by teaching them about tree identification, proper planting and maintenance, best practices and more. We also help city governments, farmers, urban dwellers and rural residents to plan, create and bring projects to life.

Through our workshops and events, participants come to a greater understanding of the many benefits provided by trees and other natural areas, including cleaner waterways and drinking water, greater energy conservation and savings, improved air quality and attractive, healthier communities. Our workshops promote sustainability and stewardship, enabling more people to extend those benefits and ensuring that future generations will enjoy the value of trees and natural areas for decades to come.