Coalition for Iowa's Woodlands and Trees

Woodland Health
With the presence of Emerald Ash Borer, 1000 Cankers, and invasive weeds like Garlic Mustard, our woodlands are under a serious and growing threat in communities and rural Iowa. Communities and landowners need more technical assistance.

Education & Public Awareness
Communities and private landowners need guidance and training on managing their trees and woodlands. An investment in education and assistance now could potentially save millions of dollars.

Increase Funding
Iowa’s forests and trees need more state investment, which will increase jobs and boost economic growth. Communities and landowners need matching grants, technical assistance and cost-share for better management of trees and woodlands.


Save the State Forest Nursery

Because the State Forest Nursery  is required by statute to cover its expenses, it has been under scrutiny and subject to closing.

"After five public meetings with 113 attendees and 21 email comments, more than 80 percent of the comments have been in favor of keeping the nursery open," said Paul Tauke, State Forest Nursery.

The Coalition for Iowa's Trees and Forests supports keeping the nursery open and increasing prices to cover operating costs. This is Iowa's only native seedling nursery left in business today. Click here to learn more.