Fruit TreeKeepers

Locally grown, nutritional food is important to our communities; helping people engage in the local food system, to know where their food comes from, and to eat healthier and more sustainable foods. For these reasons, Trees Forever has been planting fruit trees in community gardens throughout several of Iowa's urban areas. And now we need your help! The new Fruit TreeKeepers training program is designed to give local volunteers more knowledge of urban fruit and nut trees and their care. 

Trees Forever's Fruit TreeKeepers will: 
• Actively participate in fruit and nut tree plantings in their neighborhood and community. 
• Gain hands-on experience caring for fruit and nut trees. 
• Help promote and protect all community trees by being an ambassador for trees. 

Specifically, Fruit TreeKeepers will participate in a series of classroom and hands-on training sessions to learn about: 
• Tree Biology 
• Proper Planting & Maintenance 
• Fruit and Nut Tree Varieties 
• Organic Tree Management and Care (Pruning, Disease and Pest Control, etc.) 
• Harvesting Techniques 

Each class will also have a volunteer community service component. 
Volunteers learn about growing fruit trees in an urban setting.