Host a #GivingTREEvia Party - Give the gift of trees and test your friends’ tree knowledge


Join Trees Forever and give the gift of trees this holiday season by hosting a #GivingTREEvia party! Gather your friends together to celebrate a good cause and bring awareness to the importance of trees.


Here’s how it works:


  • Register by filling out the information below, so you can host a miniature fundraiser and trivia party. The $25 registration fee will get a #GivingTREEvia presentation (which can be viewed on your phone, tablet or PC), a few recipes for your party and an invitation template.
  • Use the invitation template to tell your friends about your party
  • Host the party! On the day you set, you can bring the Trees Forever #TREEvia quiz up on your phone, a computer or projector, AND play the game! During the game, your party members will set a wager on how much they will donate for every question an individual or team gets wrong.
  • After the party, the host will donate the money collected to Trees Forever, and (depending on the team’s comfort level) share a group photo, your team’s score and total number of donations on Facebook by tagging @TreesForever with #GivingTREEvia


In light of the global day of giving #GivingTuesday (November 27), we encourage people to host their #TREEvia parties on #GivingTuesday! However, this activity could also be a fitting activity for a holiday get together, wine night with the girls, a tree committee meeting, or another gathering with fellow tree-lovers.


Proceeds from #GivingTREEvia will help fund a watering vehicle for Trees Forever’s Growing Futures, a pilot program in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids to engage young people in forestry careers. We hope that this program will be successful and that we may soon expand it to other cities with your help!



We’re still working on developing the #TREEvia materials and registration form. 


Please check back soon to register on this page.