Iowa's Living Roadways

Since Iowa’s Living Roadways began in 1996, the partnership has helped 271 Iowa communities highlight the unique traits that encourage tourism and quality of life. This partnership between Trees Forever, Iowa State University, Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund, Iowa Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration helps small towns plan, plant and market.


Community Visioning leads participating communities through the initial planning and design stages. 


• Iowa’s Living Roadways Projects works with communities to plant native plants and trees along their roads and trails. (These are more than beautification projects! Learn more about the benefits of roadside plantings here.)


• Iowa’s Living Roadways Trails Visioning assists trail groups and communities enhancing their trail system by adding safety improvements and planting trees and native prairie. 


• The Iowa Department of Transportation's Living Roadway Trust Fund provides hundreds of classes, workshops, presentations and educational materials to Iowans of all ages. 

Yellow Coneflower planted along roadside

Yellow coneflower planted along a Wright Brothers Blvd. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Our accomplishments include planting more than 45,184 trees and shrubs, improving 21 trails, and engaging thousands of volunteers. Look at how much we can do when we work together!