Our Woodland Legacy Symposium

Thank you for joining Trees Forever and our partners for the Our Woodland Legacy Symposium: Trees, Land, Water and Community on December 7.  The Symposium is a forum on current issues facing communities striving to conserve woodland areas and to improve the environment in our urban and rural areas.  Our goal is to engage policy makers and the public, support smart growth development, and quantify the benefits of trees and natural areas.



Trees, Land, Water and Community


We were honored to host a conversation with two experts on how trees and green space improve our health, help our community with important functions such as stormwater management, and more.


Keynote Speaker Presentations


Trees, Water and Wellness: Green Infrastructure and Human Health Co-Benefits by Dr. Kathleen Wolf

Green Infrastructure for 21st Century Cities by Peter MacDonagh

Natural Systems in Cedar Rapids by Jen Winter, Public Works Director, City of Cedar Rapids


Trees, Land and Water for Municipal, Commercial and Residential Developments Panel


Bill Micheel, Assistant Director, Community Development, City of Cedar Rapids (PowerPoint not available)
Emily Swihart, Field Coordinator, Trees Forever 
Sandy Pumphrey, Project Engineer II, Public Works, City of Cedar Rapids 
Peter MacDonagh, FSLA, Kestrel Design Group Trees


Land and Water for Homes and Neighbors Panel


Moderator: Eric Holthaus, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Cedar Rapids

Eric Shepley, P L.A., HBK Engineering, LLC 
Kelli Kennon-Lane, Director of Education, Indian Creek Nature Center 
Stephanie Neff, Health and Wellness Supervisor, Cedar Rapids Community Schools
Dr. Kathleen Wolf, Research Social Scientist, University of Washington


Dr. Kathleen Wolf and Peter MacDonagh


For a more detailed agenda from the day, click here.


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"As an educational forum, Our Woodland Legacy Symposium is nothing short of a remarkable confluence of nationally renowned thinkers and local environmentalists, planners, developers, public health professionals and public officials."

Les Beck

Director of Linn County Planning and Development