Our Woodland Legacy Symposium

Placemaking: Love Where You Live

Thank you for attending the Our Woodland Legacy Symposium in Cedar Rapids! We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm for connecting nature to the places you live.
We have created an online evaluation form for those of you who have not yet submitted one. Your comments help to shape the Our Woodland Legacy Symposium each year and your input is greatly appreciated. Please take a few minutes and click here to fill out the evaluation.

A day full of information and connecting should not end at the symposium. We hope you continue to apply all that you learned to your daily lives.
If you want to view Dr. Kathy Wolf's presentation again, a copy of it can be found here. To read more from Dr. Wolf, here is a great article that includes much of the information covered in her presentation.
For more information and to review Dr. Doug Tallamy’s presentation click here or for more on his book, visit his webpage at www.bringingnaturehome.net.
Lastly, if you want to watch a presentation for the day- visit Robin Kash's website here. The videos from last week's symposium will be uploaded to this page soon.
Again, thank you for your time and dedication to planting a better tomorrow!