Bringing Nature Home with Dr. Doug Tallamy

On March 11, 2014, renowned entomology researcher and educator Dr. Doug Tallamy presented on the importance of trees and plants for pollinators and food webs as well as the value of using native plants in our landscapes.  From butterflies and moths to bees, he explained how one large oak tree can have a huge impact on spring bird populations or how one patch of milkweed can host many monarch butterflies. An inspirational speaker, Dr. Tallamy explained the important ecological roles of trees and plants in our landscapes, and emphasized the benefits of designing gardens with those roles in mind. 

Doug Tallamy teaches at the University of Delaware, in Newark. He is a professor and the chair of the Entomology and Wildlife Ecology department there, where he has been studying insects and their role in the environment for over 20 years. His presentation is below.