Corridor TreeKeeper Hours

Thank you for being a dedicated TreeKeeper and helping to improve the urban forest in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area! Your work ensures that our trees provide numerous benefits such as stormwater retention, cool shade, wildlife habitat, oxygen and more!


As a TreeKeeper volunteer, you are asked to donate 10 hours of your time per year to help maintain and improve our urban forest. Trees Forever, working with local partner communities, will offer workdays throughout the year with the goal of hosting six workdays at two to three hours per day. Projects that YOU can organize include, but are not limited to:

  • Water! Water on your own or invite the adjacent property owner to water a thirsty tree.
  • Light pruning when season permits.  City can pick up debris.
  • Weed, remove grass, and mulch around trees. City can provide mulch.
  • Organize a tree committee in your neighborhood.
  • Advocate. Let city council, the mayor, and your neighbors know about the importance of trees. Attend tree-related events at City Hall.