Iowa Trees and Forests Day

Thank you to all who joined us on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 for Iowa Trees & Forests Day at the Capitol.  Trees Forever,  the Iowa Woodland Owners Assoc., Iowa Urban Forestry Council, Iowa Tree Farm Committee and others had a successful day exhibiting, educating and promoting the importance of trees.


This is a great opportunity to gather your thoughts, read through talking points and network with other advocates. Check back soon for the 2019 date.


Please click here for the latest on our advocacy in Iowa. 


Trees act like umbrellas!
Grow our tree canopy by 3%

Think of tree canopy as an umbrella. This tree canopy umbrella covers us and does amazing things, such as keeping us cool, acting as a natural sunblock, capturing excess rainwater, and so much more! We're working with our partners to grow Iowa's tree canopy by 3% during the next 30 years.