Annual Celebration & Awards Dinner

Thursday, June 13, 2019
1:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Celebration Farm
4696 Robin Woods Lane NE, Iowa City


Join us at our Annual Celebration and Awards Dinner to celebrate the people who exemplify our mission at Trees Forever. Nominate a special volunteer, environmental steward, organization, partner or donor here.


This year’s theme is Teaching the Value of a Tree. Many of us were taught the value of a dollar as a child, but imagine if we also taught our children the value of a tree. From our economy and our ecosystem to our spirituality, trees provide many benefits. Explore this subject with us, so together we can teach the next generation about trees.


As our keynote speaker this year, Guy Sternberg presents “The Diversity and Majesty of Bur Oak.” Sternberg will share images of bur oak trees throughout the nation that will inspire and showcase the value of these majestic trees. He is the founding president of the International Oak Society and the director of Starhill Forest Arboretum, which includes the most comprehensive Plant Collection Network certified oak collection in Northern America, and the author and photographer of many books and articles about trees.


Our afternoon panels will explore the economic value of trees ("In Trees We Invest") and the value of a tree for the mind, body and spirit ("In Trees We Believe"). 


Click here for a comprehensive agenda.


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