Bed and Breakfast for Birds

Join us for a field day and walking tour of Mary Jo Adams property in rural Carlock, IL. In Fall 2006, Mary Jo and her husband planted 70 trees and shrubs, with the assistance of the Illinois Buffer Partnership program, along the banks of the Mackinaw River to help with streambank stabilization, provide wildlife habitat, reduce sedimentation and erosion. The property was an agricultural field that flooded annually, sometimes multiple time per year. They took great care of their trees, removing debris from around them after every flooding event, and fencing the plants to protect them from deer. Shortly thereafter, a mating pair of bald eagles began building their nest in a large sycamore on the opposite side of the river. They have produced eaglets every year. In 2017, Mary Jo planted various types of pollinator seed mixes throughout the floodplain to see which species would survive with the flooding. We will be visiting the pollinator planting as well as walking among the 13 year old buffer planting.


Please dress accordingly for being outside. Bring your binoculars and you may see the resident pair of bald eagles nesting on the opposite side of the river.


This event is postponed.


The event is free, but registration is required.


Limit 35 participants.


Driving Directions:

From Rt. 150, in Carlock, take Church Street north to Denman Rd. Stay on Denman Rd. to Elkins Lane. On Elkins Lane, you will cross over two small creek bridges. The event will begin at the barn, which will be on your left. There will also be directional signs posted, beginning at the intersection of Rt. 150 and Church St.