The Green Initiative 

GreenState Credit Union is teaming up with Trees Forever on a three-year initiative to plant a tree for every new member that joins the credit union. 


The Green Initiative will begin in 2020, and is one of the many ways GreenState continues to give back to the community. New credit union members will be tracked, and Trees Forever will involve volunteers and work with local and statewide partners to plant trees in public spaces. 


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Do you want to take on a sapling planting through Trees Forever and GreenState’s The Green Initiative?

Download the application here



Email Emily Swihart or call her at 563-260-1000.

“With our new brand, we feel this is an excellent opportunity to make our green state a little greener. Based on past performance, we project to add roughly 60,000 members over the next three years, so we hope for a meaningful impact.”  - Jim Kelly, GreenState’s Chief Marketing Officer


“We’re delighted to plant trees on behalf of new members of GreenState Credit Union, continuing our long partnership. Trees provide an amazing package of benefits—not only for humans but for all life on planet Earth. Trees Forever will focus on native trees in strategic locations for improved air and water quality, wildlife habitat and recreational areas such as parks and along trails.” - Shannon Ramsay, Trees Forever Founding President and CEO