Stewards of the Beautiful Land

As you would guess, trees are close to our heart at Trees Forever. But so are all native plants. That is why each summer we offer the Stewards of the Beautiful Land program to share information with community volunteers and other natural resource professionals about the benefits and use of native plants in our landscape. 
The full Stewards of the Beautiful Land course includes four class meetings spread over the growing season, each of which includes classroom instruction along with time in the field identifying native plants and their uses.  Participants learn how native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers can beautify and enhance roadsides, trail corridors, parks, schools, community entryways, backyards or farms. Every course also includes at least one hands-on planting project.

Trees Forever experts and other invited presenters provide instruction on:
  • Plant identification
  • Basic design principles
  • What, where, and how to plant
  • Establishment practices
  • Site maintenance and management techniques
  • Pollinator habitat needs
  • Safety considerations

No prior experience or knowledge of prairies or trees is necessary, only a commitment to actively participate in all the classes.  There is no registration fee, but we do ask participants to let us know how they apply their knowledge in the community or in their field after they complete the course.

The Stewards of the Beautiful Land courses are made possible through generous support from the Living Roadway Trust Fund of the Iowa Department of Transportation, along with local partners and from Trees Forever members.
Class participants study a roadside prairie

2016 classes will be posted here as soon as locations are confirmed. Please check back!